Design Process and Services

The design process at McCLURE | architecture begins with active listening and dialogue with our clients. It is essential that we understand their goals, needs, and desires prior to starting the first sketches. With this information, we are then able to generate a written program, a recipe for the project, which will then serve as a framework for the design. As with every project, it is our goal to create aesthetically pleasing and enduring design which also satisfies both the owner’s program and budget.

McCLURE | architecture provides a full range of architectural services including Programming, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Bidding and Negotiation, and Construction Administration. Additionally, we collaborate throughout the design process with interior designers, landscape architects, and consulting engineers to achieve a cohesive and carefully studied solution. We also assist consultants who provide audio visual, security, computer, and telecommunication systems for the home.

Great design happens and creativity flourishes when we develop client relationships. We believe that for a project to be truly successful, the client has to be an active participant during the entire design process. When some of the client’s personality shows through in the final design, then we have done our job.